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Welcome to A.Gollapalli

Welcome to the A.Gollapalli Village Website. This web site is intended to link together the people who belong to our home village A.Gollapalli and living else where.This site is not meant for any commerical purpose. You might want to know what is happening in your home village. You might be wondering what your childhood friends are doing now. How Successful are they in their lifes?. This site is not for those trivial reasons. We spent our childhood there, leading some successful life some where else.., Let us try to do something back to our home village.

A.Gollapalli is a very prosperous model village located 20 km from the busy commercial town of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh,India. A.Gollapalli Village covers an area of ---- sq. km.,and has a population of ---- as of ----Year.